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How to Get Rid of Hickies Fast

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How To Get Rid Of Hickeys:

 Once in a while, in this gutsy trip of life, we adults end up in situations which are very humiliating to ourselves as well as to our friends and family. Spotting a hickey is a sure way of drawing in gazes and chuckles.For this reason, the one who have hickeys might want to get them off as quick as they procured them. For better understanding on how to get rid of hickey fast, it will be better if we know what a hickey is & How To Give A Hickey.

You were out with your girl/boy last night, things got fun. You get up in morning to go to class, school or office and when you stand before mirror, "Aaah what spot is this?" This is only hickeys. Before going into deep on how to get rid of hickeys, first we have to know what are hickeys and why they are formed. Other names of hickeys are LOVE BITE, KISS MARK, LOVE SYMBOL, OR SUCK MARKS. Mainly the hickeys are occured by deep kissing or sucking the skin. Hickeys are easily formed around neck and the arms.Here are best working methods on how to get rid of hickeys fast / overnight. How To Get Rid OF Hickeys

Get Rid Of Hickieys Fast

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey

Cold Compress Method to Get Rid Of Hickeys

The most established trick in the book and may be the most common one is treating the hickey like any other bruise. Since a hickey is a blood coagulation, it needs to be broken apart in order to help the blood spread out. 

Take some cubes of ice, place them in a paper towel and delicately press them against the hickey a few times each day for around 15 minutes. An ice pack will help to remove hickey , don't apply the ice directly on the hickey since it could cause ice burns.
Place a steel spoon in the refridgerator for around 10-15 minutes, wrap the spoon in a paper towel and rub it tenderly on the skin until the spoon is no more cool. Do this few times each day to get rid of a hickey fast.

Treat With Rubbing Alcohol to Get Rid Of Hickeys

If it has been just a couple of hours since you got the hickey, rubbing alcohol is the thing that you need. The cooling, relieving and disinfecting properties of rubbing alcohol make it perfect for removal of hickey. 

With the help of a cotton ball, apply some rubbing alcohol to the infected area delicately for a few minutes. 
To remove a hickey, perform this twice a day for one to two days and use moisturizing lotion after applying rubbing alcohol since alcohol can dry your skin.

Banana Peel To Get Rid Of Hickies

Banana peels have relieving and also cooling properties that can help minimize your hickey quick. 

  • Cut the peel of a fully ripen banana to the size of your hickey. 
  • Place inside side of the peel on the wound for 10 to 30 minutes. 
  • Do this a few times each day to lessen the appearence of the wound.

Toothbrush / Comb To Get Rid Of A Hickie

This technique helps to separate and spread the blood around, making it easier for your body to clean up the marks of the hickey. 
Get a stiff-bristled toothbrush (you can also substitute toothbrush with a comb) and ‘brush’ the hickey. Make sure you apply enough pressure, but not too much as it might end up scratching the area or causing more damage and swelling. You can also use vibrating toothbrushes.
After doing this for five to ten minutes, apply a ice pack for ten minutes and after then repeat the process again.

 Coin Scraping Method to Get Rid Of Hickeys

This may not be an extraordinary method to get rid of hickeys fast, yet is a brisk fix to make it look like a scratch, which looks less suspicious. You can utilize this in situations when you can deal with the hickey promptly with some other cure. 
Stretch the influenced skin and utilize an expansive coin to rub it outwards from the hickey. 
This may not help in instant hickey removal, but rather spends the coagulation blood outwards, making it look like a scratch mark.

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  1. The coin remedy works really well! After scrapping the coin from the inside of the hickey towards the out for a few minutes it instantly began to fade and became near invisible, now I’m going to try soothing it with some aloe or cocoa butter to finish it off..thanks for the tips!